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December 05, 2013
Busty Secretary Mia is bound to her chair!

Fulfilling all our naughty secretary fantasies here we have Mia! At Tied Virgins we love to gag our sluts so we began by taping her mouth. Next ge got our slutty secretary to sit in the office chair as we taped up her wrists and ankles. She struggled against her bindings as we opened her tight blouse to expose her perk breasts the tape gag muffling her squeals...

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December 03, 2013
Karina Cuffed Upstairs

He we took Tied Virgin Karina and showed her who was boss. We started by spreading her arms apart cuffing her wrists tightly to the banisters. Then using a spreader bar we pryed this sluts legs apart revealing her wet silky panties. We enjoyed watching as she struggled with no hope of escape... Another succesfully Tied Virgin!

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December 01, 2013
Tied up Tight to the Chair

In this awesome set we bound up Kacey in her everyday clothes. With her ankles bound with rope and her chest bound with tape we tried to pull down her top to expose her tight perky breasts. She struggled against us. So to make sure we were in command we quickly roped her wrists together. Now we were in full control...

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November 29, 2013
Karina Ballgagged and Hogtied

Here we have the beautiful Karina, hogtied and at our mercy! We at Tied Virgins love the sight of a hot girl with a ballgag. Straining and struggling as she tries to break free. Spittle falling onto her chin. Struggled against her hogtie but we only let her go when we deemed she had had enough..

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November 27, 2013
Bailey Tied At Home

Here we have Bailey in her first set for Tied Virgins. This was the first time this dirty little slut had ever been taped or had a ballgag in her mouth. So it was our pleasure to pop her cherry! We watched intently as she struggled and strained as the tape dug in, breaking the surface of her skin. The ropes dug in through her pants but she couldn't break free...

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November 23, 2013
Tied to a chair and gagged!

Here we have beautiful busty Becca tied up to one of our dining chairs. We love to bind up our Tied Virgins tight so that their wrists and ankles chafe and today was no exception. Once she was confined in place we pulled up her flowery dress exposing her already wet panties. Obviously her confinement had aroused her as much as it had us...

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