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December 15, 2013
Lilly to the door and bit gagged!

Beautiful tight Tied Virgin Lilly was treated to some punishment at Tied Virgins Towers!! Firstly bitgagging her we strung her up over the door so that her toes were barely touching the floor. She struggled so hard to break free but there was nothing she could do. Completely confined she was now our slave and ready...

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December 11, 2013
Karina at the Office

We brought in Karina for her treatment at the Tied Virgins office! Pulling apart her tight shirt to expose her cheeky bra we bundled her into an office chair and quickly tied her down! Taped harshly to the chair and unable to move Karina struggled and struggled but was unable to break free. This slut needed to be taught the rules of Tied Virgins! We will only set one of our Virgins free when we deem them to have had enough, and not one second before!

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December 09, 2013
Another Virgin Delivery!

We were very pleased to unwrap a new Tied Virgin in the mail today! Meet Jewel, this sexy slut came to us prechained and tape gagged at the mouth. We loved watching as she strugged against her tight chains, she tried to scream but the gag kept this noisy slut in her place! We will be seeing a lot more of Jewel at Tied Virgins...

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December 07, 2013
Bailey Tied Up and Enslaved

Beautiful Bailey is subjugated and enslaved at Tied Virgins! Bailey didn't know what she was getting herself in for when we brought her in to Tied Virgins. An innocent teen when we got her, and a bondage slave when we had finished. We tied her wrists to her ankles with old rope, she cried as it dug in. But we were not to be stopped. We stripped her down to her panties and as expected she was wet from the thrill of her first bondage experience. A new Tied Virgin is born...

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December 05, 2013
Busty Secretary Mia is bound to her chair!

Fulfilling all our naughty secretary fantasies here we have Mia! At Tied Virgins we love to gag our sluts so we began by taping her mouth. Next ge got our slutty secretary to sit in the office chair as we taped up her wrists and ankles. She struggled against her bindings as we opened her tight blouse to expose her perk breasts the tape gag muffling her squeals...

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December 03, 2013
Karina Cuffed Upstairs

He we took Tied Virgin Karina and showed her who was boss. We started by spreading her arms apart cuffing her wrists tightly to the banisters. Then using a spreader bar we pryed this sluts legs apart revealing her wet silky panties. We enjoyed watching as she struggled with no hope of escape... Another succesfully Tied Virgin!

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