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March 15, 2013
Sexy Slut is Gagged and Tied to a Chair!

Becca joined us in the Tied Virgins for a spot of bondage! As a rule every girl who comes into our office has to dress like a secretary and take their turn bound to one of our office chairs. Becca did not disappoint! We bound her wrists with rope and taped her ankles. Completing her perfect bondage secretary look with a ballgag to the mouth...

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March 13, 2013
Lilly ballgagged and tied to the bed!

In this set we let new Tied Virgin Lilly feel the real feeling of helplessness. Firstly ballgagging her mouth so that she could not cry out, we tied her wrists firmly with rope to the Tied Virgins wooden bed. We let her struggle thrashing her legs in a feeble attempt at escape. Before binding her ankles with rope. Then she was ours. She lay helpless, struggling as we pulled up her top exposing her tight breasts...

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March 11, 2013
Karina in Pink Tied and Gagged

At Tied Virgins towers we weren't happy at all with Karina's cooking, so we decided to punish her there and then in the kitchen! Binding her ankles to the stove, her wrists to the drawers and bit gagging her mouth we left her there for a few hours to learn the lesson that bad cooking will get you punished..

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March 09, 2013
Hogtied and Bit Gagged on the Bed!

In this set tight hot Tied Virgin Lilly was treated to some bondage adventures in the Tied Virgins bedroom! We took her arms and legs and put them in our cross hogtie. To complete the picture we bit gagged her mouth. We watched as she struggled and stirred on the bed, unable to get free. As she struggled spittle started to form around the gag. Lilly was left in no doubt as to who her masters were now...

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March 07, 2013
Beautiful Blonde Mia Ballgagged And Tied

Stunning Tied Virgin Mia is photographed restrained at the top of the stairs! We ballgagged her then tied her wrists tight on the banisters. Next spreading he legs and exposing her tight purple panties we bound her ankles. Keeping her stuck suspended and unable to break free. She was at our mercy as she struggled to against her restraints...

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March 05, 2013
Kacey Bound at The Office!

Kacey payed a visit to the Tied Virgins office! As expected she came dressed as a secretary ready for her Tied Virgins treatment! Gagging her mouth with silk and then taping her wrists and ankles. We were ready to explore Kacey. Pulling her he plaid skirt we noted she had come in holdups and string panties, just as requested. She tried to squeal as we began to tease her but the gag kept her silent...

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