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November 20, 2014
Tied and Restricted

Today's tied up slut is Reggie. Ristricted with no hope of escape. Just how we like them at Tied Virgins! This ebony bitch looked amazing with a gag stuffed in her mouth. She dribbled as she pulled against her rope binds which chafed her skin. She was not to be freed until we deemed she had been punished enough...

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November 17, 2014
Tied Up at Home

We have blonde big boobed bitch Kaitlyn Laken. We love having a naked bitch in our kitchen when we prepare ourselves a snack. We sat this slut up on counter and tied her up to the cupboard handles. She squirmed and struggled but quickly submitted. Our perfect bondage slave...

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November 14, 2014
Tied Up Orgasm Punishment

Tied up and spread like a slut for us. This is Reagan. Being made to come time and time again as she screamed through her tight bit gag. She squirmed as the waves of orgasm hit her and she was not going to be freed. Not until we were ready to.

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November 11, 2014
Throned Bitch

We have another incredible scene with The Masked Slut today and this video is hotter than ever. We made use of the Tied Virgins throne to great effect. We bend her over and shoved her masked face into the wood. Her pussy peeped out at us invitingly. She was ready for us. We approached her with our magic wand and buried it straight into her pussy lips. She screamed louder with every orgasm as wave after wave hit her. Pleasure in confinement...

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November 08, 2014
Stood in Shame

Luciana is in our dungeon today at Tied Virgins. Ready to feel the cold touch of iron in one of our cages. With a black gag in her mouth and just a tight pair of panties not really covering anything we shoved her into her cage. There she stood as we looked on. Her eyes pleading in the cold to let her free. No chance, not until we were done with her...

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November 05, 2014
Spread in Bed

Ballgaged and in our bed today we have our bondage hottie Magdelena. This slut needed to have some more discipline shocked into her so we grabbed her, and threw her naked onto the Tied Virgins bed. We tied off her ankles and wrists and watched as this little piggy squirmed. She gave whimpered and snorted through her gag but was soon too tired to even make a sound. The ropes had done their disciplining work...

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