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October 20, 2016
Naked and Tied in our Bed

We have a brand new HARDCORE bondage slut for you today at Tied Virgins. This busty bitch is Morise and we couldn't wait to get our hands on her! We gagged her and then stripped her naked before working on her binds. Tying her legs and ankles tight so she had no hope of escape as we approached her with our magic wand. This slut's pussy dripped and pulsated as we worked her to orgasm time and again. She pulled tight against her binds but there was no way they were coming lose. Simply one of the most incredible vids we have ever shot for Tied Virgins!

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October 17, 2016
Tied Up With a Peachy Bum

We have Penelope back today with us at Tied Virgins. This slut looked great tied up in our bed with her peachy ass raised in the air. We loved seeing ass wiggle as she struggled. Her face was buried in the pillows as she cried. She came to us wanting some discipline but she got more than she bargained for...

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October 14, 2016
Tied Up Slut

We have our amazing tight little redhead Willow back with us today at Tied Virgins. With a gag in her mouth and dressed in a slutty bodystocking we decided that it was time to show this bitch the meaning of some discipline. We stretched her hands above her head and tied her wrists to door hangers. We instructed her not to move and to keep silent, not hard with the silk gag tight in her mouth. We inspected her as she stood. We slapped her tight ass. The first time she flinched and was punished. Eventually she realised the only way out was to do exactly as we said...

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October 11, 2016
Spread in Bed

We have our bespectacled slut Penelope in our bed today at Tied Virgins. We love seeing a girl helpless and tied up in our bed. It stirs certain emotions in us that only a slut in bondage can do. Her legs were tied stretched apart and we tied her arms above her head. Leaving her stretched out and ready for us...

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October 08, 2016
Redhead Tied Slut

Skinny little bitch Willow is back with us today at Tied Virgins. With a rope in her mouth and ropes around her ankles and wrists this slut was ready for her bondage punishment. She contorted and writhed on the floor. But all she managed to do was mark her china white skin with carpet marks...

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October 05, 2016
Tied Up Slut

We have another hot bondage set with our bondage bitch Penelope today. We threw her onto the floor and got to work. This slut liked to cry and whinge so we gagged her. We tied her wrists and ankles but still she writhed and struggled. We pushed our foot into her face to shut her up. This roped up slut was ours...

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