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September 30, 2014
Strapped In, Tied Up

Today at the Tied Virgins bondage slut show we have our bitch Magdelena. Her pretty mouth looked even better with a gag in in. Whilst ropes complemented her wrists and ankles. The binds were tight, harsh and gripped her skin tightly. She was trapped, incapable and unable to move. She whimpered as spit formed around her gag. She was ours and ready for the taking...

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September 27, 2014
Floored and Tied

In another amazing video set we have the masked slut back with is today. Still wearing her mask to hide her public shame we stripped her completely naked and threw her down onto the floor. She whimpered as we tied up both her ankles and wrists. Then we got to work on her. We roughly shove a dildo into her soaking pussy. She cried and screamed. This pleased us and made us think she wanted more. So we started to massage her with our magic wand. She can time and again. Perfect bound orgasms...

Come And Join Us At Tied Virgins Now!
September 24, 2014
Suspended Cage

We have Luciana back in our dungeon again today at Tied Virgins. We stripped this blond bitch down to her panties and gagged her pretty mouth. We led her, her head hanging in shame to the cage and shoved her in. She barely fit but that didn't stop us. We raised the cage as she tried to scream through he gag. She hung in the air. Helpless and ours...

Come And Join Us At Tied Virgins Now!
September 21, 2014
Spread in Bed

Ballgaged and in our bed today we have our bondage hottie Magdelena. This slut needed to have some more discipline shocked into her so we grabbed her, and threw her naked onto the Tied Virgins bed. We tied off her ankles and wrists and watched as this little piggy squirmed. She gave whimpered and snorted through her gag but was soon too tired to even make a sound. The ropes had done their disciplining work...

Come And Join Us At Tied Virgins Now!
September 18, 2014
Shackled Maiden

Today's bitch in our dungeon is Luciana. We decided to test out our specially made new ankle and wrist shackles. Firstly we clamped her ankles in, then her wrists. Then we locked them together. All she could do was struggle around the floor. Her knees burning on the hard concrete floor. She whimpered as the spittle formed around her gag. Her eyes pleaded with us for release but deep down she knew she wasn't going to break free...

Come And Join Us At Tied Virgins Now!
September 15, 2014
Bitch on the Bed

We have a special treat for our members today. The Masked Slut has returned to us at Tied Virgins and this time she is cumming in our bed! We tied up her wrists and ankles and watched as she squirmed. We approached her calmly with our magic wand, placing it straight on her throbbing pussy. Her screams echoed around the house as she came time and again. A MUST SEE VID...

Come And Join Us At Tied Virgins Now!

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