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February 13, 2014
Upside Down Torment

Stripped down to her panties we tormented Jewel. We tied her ankles in the air to the banister rails then secured her wrists. She was utterly trapped, upside down and enslaved. She squirmed and struggled we did not let her free. This slave deserved every bit of the punishment we dealt out to her...

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February 11, 2014
Wrapped In Plastic and Ballgagged

Here we have resident slut Kacey suspended with her legs in the air and wrapped in plastic. We loved watching this tight slut squirm to try and break free but there was no way out. Spittle started to drip from her ballgagged mouth. Now Kacey was ours, a true Tied Virgin. Broken and submissive...

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February 09, 2014
Tied Up and Cumming Hard!

Beautiful Axa is tied up and made to cum in this amazing set. We loved seeing her struggle and squirm as the massager teased her throbbing pussy. All the time unable to move as she her binds hold tight. The gag round her mouth kept this dirty slut silent as we turned up the speed. Leading to her convulsing in ecstasy and agony as the waves of her massive bondage orgasm flowed through her body...

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February 07, 2014
Gagged Slave Tied and Taped

Super hot Raven was simply asking for some rope punishment so we willfully obliged! We tied her arms behind her back to a 2x4, almost mimicking a crucifixion, before binding her wrists to her ankles and pulling her tight. We watched as she struggled and Raven's innocence was taken away from her.

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February 05, 2014
Sapphire Struggles Hog Tied

Here we have beautiful Sapphire. Dressed in silky lingerie. Still looking too sweet and innocent for our tastes! Sapphire still needed to learn the true life of a Tied Virgin. We gagged her mouth with silk before setting about breaking her. We secured her ankles and wrists with our cross hogtie. All the while watching with pleasure as she struggled and tried to escape...

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February 03, 2014
Bondage In The Bath

We wanted to see how busty beauty Scarlett would react if she was restrained in in a bathtub as the water gradually rose around her. We loved seeing her terror as she squirmed attempting to break free as the water rose around her, she couldn't cry out as the ballgag was held FIRMLY in place. This slut really got what was coming to her...

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