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May 19, 2013
Bathing Bondage

Claudia has been a naughty girl and needed some more punishment! Stripped down to her see through panties and gagged this slut up. Throwing her in the bath we chained her ankles and wrists. Slowly we turned the taps, watching as she squirmed in the ICE COLD water covered her body. We could see the fright in her eyes as the water covered over her gag leaving just the tip of her nose covered...

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May 17, 2013
Plastic Wrapped And Ready

Beautiful Jewel. Plastic wrapped and ready for the taking. We enjoyed wrapping this slut up. The look of terror in her eyes as we shoved the gag in her mouth was highly arousing! The way her body quivered and struggled when she knew she was at our mercy excited us more than ever before...

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May 15, 2013
Shiny Slut Taped Up

Looking stunning in her tight shiny underwear we simply had to restrain Nikki. With her hands and wrists taped up tight and her ankles in a spreader bar we loved watching this dirty slut struggle and writhe. her shiny panties got wetter and wetter as she tried to break free. We know deep down Nikki enjoyed her ordeal!

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May 13, 2013
Kacey Bed Tied

Beautiful Kacey, trapped, tied and gagged on the bed. The perfect slave. We loved watching this tight slut scream and cry through her ballgag as she realised she was not going to break free. The ropes pressed on her perfect skin as she struggled. Helpless and utterly ours..

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May 11, 2013
Tied Up in the Bathroom

Katie K comes to Tied Virgins, and i think this girl got more than she was reckoning on. We quickly secured her on the floor, wrists tied and legs wrapped around the toilet bowl. We placed the massager on her already wet pussy, taped it and turned it on FULL POWER. We watched as she struggled and screamed through her bitgag as the waves of pleasure flowed through her. This slut was ours...

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May 09, 2013
Karina Is Plastic Wrapped

We completely encased Karina in Clingfilm for this awesome set. There is nothing like watching a naked slut unable to escape from plastic confines. Unable to sweat and unable to cry out because of the giant ballgag in her mouth. She struggled and squirmed but there was no way out for her...

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