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July 30, 2018
Tied Naked Slave

Today we have more bondage games with our bondage bitch Natasha. This slut needed more discipline so we decided to tied her up with her legs spread apart showing off her perfect trim pussy and make her wait in silence. A bondage statue if you will. Every time she moved she got a slap. Every time she whimpered we shoved her face deeper into the pillow. She soon learned to lie there without moving. We were training her almost as if she didn't need the ropes.

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July 27, 2018
Tied Like a Bitch

We have our redhead slut Rosie today at Tied Virgins. Bound just for your pleasure! We threw this bitch down onto the carpet and tied her ankles and wrists. She squirmed around like a fish out of water. We decided not to gag her so that we could hear her pathetic cries. She was to have no escape...

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July 24, 2018
Cross Tied Slut

We have our sultry Indian babe Natasha ready for some more bondage action with us today at Tied Virgins. Today we thought she'd look extra pretty with a ballgag shoved in her little mouth, with the added bonus of shutting up the squealing little piggy. We then stripped her naked (all bondage sluts are best naked) and placed her into our cross tie. She struggled and squirmed on our bed but could not break free. She was ours...

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July 21, 2018
Tied Up to Cum

We have another incredible bondage orgasm video at Tied Virgins today. We have our fuckslut Lexi back with us and her pussy was dripping wet with excitement! We shoved this bitches face into the pillow and tied up her ankles and wrists so she was spread eagle like a star and her bum raised in the air. We approached her with out magic wand and began teasing her pussy lips. She moaned and whined into the pillow but we held her head down. She came time and again. This video is a must see...

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July 18, 2018
Slut Ready For Bondage

Our hot little red head is back with us today at Tied Virgins. Rosie the bondage bitch looks good with a ballgag in her mouth i think you'll agree. We loved seeing this slut tied up in rope and stood motionless unable to break away from her tight binds. This bitch was ours to break to our will...

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July 15, 2018
A Nice Ass Cumming

We have our sexy bondage vixen Lexi back with us today at Tied Virgins. This bitch was pleading with us for more of what we had to offer and we were only to happy to oblige. We spread eagle this slut over our chest and tied her wrists, ankles and head down to the floor. There she lay static and unmoveable. We prepared her pussy to take our magic wand. We claimed orgasm after orgasm from her. This slut was ours...

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