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September 09, 2017
Beautiful Bitch is Bound

Our amazing new Blonde bitch lexi is back with us today at Tied Virgins. We love seeing this gorgeous tattooed slut tied up and Tied Virgins is the only place you'll see it! We gagged this bitch then bound her ankles to her wrists and sat her down. He loved watching her pathetic attempts to break free from her tight binds. She was ours...

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September 06, 2017
Naked, Ready for Us

We have another amazing bondage orgasm video for you today at Tied Virgins. We have the glorious slut Natasha contorted over a table. We tied her binds tightly and gagged her so she could barely make a move or sound and got to work on this naked bitches body. We teased her pussy with our fingers as her body quivered. That was just the start. We soon worked her with our magic wand. Time and again she came. Even after she wanted us to stop...

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September 03, 2017
Stood up, Bound, Shamed

Our Busty Bitch Kim is here today for yours and our pleasure at Tied Virgins. We decided it was high time that this sluts ample bosom was treated to some breast bondage and what and amazing time we had. We gagged this bitch and the gradually tightened the ropes one oversized tit at a time. We loved seeing the skin redden on her breasts as the ropes pulled more and more tightly...

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August 31, 2017
Lingerie Slut in Bondage

Redhead Rosie has a new set at Tied Virgins today. Looking divine as ever in panties, stockings and garter belt we decided to make this beauty into a bondage ornament for the day. We pulled her arms above her head tied off her wrists. The best part being that her toes barely touched the floor. She had to keep perfectly still to find even a crumb of comfort and respite. This slut was ours...

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August 28, 2017
Naked, Bound, Slut

The amazing updates keep rolling on at Tied Virgins. Today we have Natasha back with us for more punishment. We pulling her knees up to her chest and tied her off. We then tied her ankles together, completely trapping her. All she could do for movement was rock back and forth. Which provided us an amazing view of her round ass. The whimpering from behind her gag soon subsided as she gave in to us...

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August 25, 2017
Bondage Orgasms

Today is a great day at Tied Virgins as we're welcoming a new bondage orgasm slut to to the fold! This blonde tattooed bitch is Lexi and what an incredible time we had ruining her. We forced her to strip completely naked before gagging her and preparing her tight binds on a bed. When she was ready we approached her with our magic wand. She tried to scream as the waves of orgasms hit her. Her body convulsed and contorted but the ropes kept her down...

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