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October 08, 2016
Redhead Tied Slut

Skinny little bitch Willow is back with us today at Tied Virgins. With a rope in her mouth and ropes around her ankles and wrists this slut was ready for her bondage punishment. She contorted and writhed on the floor. But all she managed to do was mark her china white skin with carpet marks...

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October 05, 2016
Tied Up Slut

We have another hot bondage set with our bondage bitch Penelope today. We threw her onto the floor and got to work. This slut liked to cry and whinge so we gagged her. We tied her wrists and ankles but still she writhed and struggled. We pushed our foot into her face to shut her up. This roped up slut was ours...

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October 02, 2016
Tied Up Like a Bitch

We have another incredible new bondage slut with us today at Tied Virgins. This is Penelope and her perfect tits! We loved seeing this naked little bitch in a ball gag with her hands tied above her head. Her eyes pleaded at us to release her but there was to be no escape and no mercy. We did not break her in gently...

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September 29, 2016
Clad in Iron

Today we have another shackled slut for you at Tied Virgins. This naked brunette bitch is Ava Dalush. We shackled her wrists to the leg spreader bar. Meaning all she could do was rock back and forth. There would be no escape for this slut...

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September 26, 2016
Outdoor Bondage

We welcome a new bondage bitch to Tied Virgins today. This red head slut is Willow and we decided a little public bondage was the order of the day. We took this cutie to our local park and forced her to strip down to her panties. We then threw her down on the decking path and tied up her ankles and feet. She rolled around whimping through her gag, getting splinters in her tight little arse. We loved every second of it...

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September 23, 2016
Bound Slut in Bed

Today we have lingerie clad Natasha with us at Tied Virgins. Natasha was dressed in her finest for us. With pretty red lipstick which we were able to match with our red raw ropes. This slut was ready for her confinement. First we spread her legs and tied them off to each bed post at the ankle. The knots tight so that if she squirmed they tightened even more. The the same with her wrists. We couldn't bare to gag her beautiful mouth in this session so we let her scream and moan to her hearts content...

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